Potty training perhaps become one of the most challenging tasks for most parents. With the new advice from pediatricians, you could determine potty training age . It’s important to know that our kids are ready to use the potty. For children, they can’t easily step out from the comfort zone and are able to use the potty overnight. Many mothers have the problem in training their kids how to use the potty. However, there are many factors that could determine about the successful potty training effort. According to experts and some cultures, the earlier is the better.

Learning the Perfect Time to Potty Train a Kid

In some countries and cultures, parents begin potty train their kids as soon as they reach the age of 6 months or 1 year old. More than 1 year old, the kids should be fully potty trained. Well, in other cultures, it’s a habit to start training children sooner as they reach the age of 1 year old. However, some doctors recommend beginning training the kids when they show the readiness signs such as feeling of discomfort when their diaper is dirty or wet. Another sign will be the lack of resistance when you introduce them how to use the potty toilet.

What Should We Do?

When looking to potty train your child don’t ever give up! It’s not easy to make the kids recognize how to potty training. The resistance is quite high actually. In the first time, they would start to scream and yell. They tend to refuse sitting on it. However, you can deal with it by using toys. Put some treats in front of them when the potty training begins. They would gladly sit on the potty to play, and soon become comfortable with the job. It’s quite important to give them some incentives. You need to congratulate the kids whenever they successfully use the potty.

Moreover, you need to take pride for their achievements on potty training. At first, you should buy stickers and DVD to show the appropriateness to use the potty. Moreover, you need to show authorities when performing potty training. Parents love their kids. However, there will be the times when parents need to include authority to show the kids how to behave appropriately. With authority, it shouldn’t be slapping and hitting them but rather using better approaches of understanding. Communication is important to make sure the success of potty training. It is way much easier if you can communicate well with the kids during the training.

So, you have decided the exact age of potty training by reading the sign of your kids’ readiness. However, you don’t know how to start. The most common method to be successful in potty training is to use EC (elimination communication). It’s an effort in which a person may use the signals, timing, cues, and instinct to give respond to the kids’ necessity to eliminate. The major goal of this method is to completely or partially avoid wearing diapers. EC emphasizes on the communication between parents and the kids. It’s important to make sure the success.

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