Knowing your children development is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable processes in parenting. At certain ages, children would have been able to do significant things that you would find adorable and touching in some ways.

Potty training is one to mention. As parents, you must be thinking how time flies that it was just yesterday that you were still changing your children’s diapers. You could see how your children develop in various stages once they reached particular ages.

Development by Ages (Potty Training Age Chart)

In starting potty training, you have to keep in mind on how your children are developing. You could start by noticing the pattern of behaviors and the things that they have been able to do based on their ages.

  • 0 – 12 months

They began to recognize the system of cause and effect, for example: if they drop the toy, it would be broken. They also has begun to recognize praise and signs of approval.

  • 12 – 18 months

Around this age there would be a lot of development from various aspect. From motor skills, along with their verbal skills and awareness of a lot of things. And around this age, your children would also be more conscious about going to toilets.

  • 18 – 24 months

At this stages, your children would began to understand a lot of orders and rules that you give them, as well as the desire to be praised by the parents. For the potty training, they would be able to control their sphincter muscles and you could try to start the training.

  • 24 – 36 months

They began to develop memory and could maintain routines. They would also be able to manage simple tasks, such as wearing pants or slip on shoes. At this stage, you could encourage your children to be more discipline on accustoming with the potty routines.

  • Age of 3 and up

When they reached this age, they would be ready and perfect for potty training. As they would be able to control and avoid mistakes by the higher awareness, this is the perfect time for most of children to have discipline potty routines. But do not forget to give them complimentary and simple prizes, like stickers or stamps to encourage them more.


Though the chart shows the children development stages pretty accurately, it is still the conclusion of general research. Parents still need to understand that not every child would develop in the same pace. Some children may be slower, and some may be even faster to develop. Especially if you have children with special needs, it is better if you keep in track on their growth and their abilities, as well as always consulting with the experts on the best way to potty train them.

You also have to keep in mind that it is important to not push your children, it would give them pressure and it would affect the general development of your child. The key is patience and understanding. If your children makes mistakes, it is the best to not be angry at them or punish them. Encourage and support are the priority in the process.

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