Though by having your children trained in toilet routines would be so much efficient and have many benefits, it is the best if you do not push your child in the process. You need to remember that the more patient you can be in waiting for your children, the quicker the process would be as well. Especially if your children have able to communicate with you through words and simple sentences, it would be way easier to have them doing the training properly.

But first, you have to know if your children are ready to do the potty training. There are ways to know if the child is ready to be potty trained by observing some of these signs:

Physical Signs

  • When you changed their nappies, it is dry for at least two hours period. This shows that they have been able to control the bladder muscles
  • They are also dry after a nap
  • Showing interest to use the toilet
  • Have been able to pull their underwear up and down

Behavior Signs

  • Acknowledging and enjoying praises
  • Wanting to do a lot of things by themselves
  • Showing that they are uncomfortable in wet or soiled diapers
  • Could do simple tasks that you asked

Parents Readiness

In potty training and teaching children in general, your child is not only the one who need to be ready. Parents’ readiness is also very important in this process. There are cases where the children were put too much pressure and became stressed out because the parents’ emotional or physical stability does not support the training. These are the things you should keep in mind:

  • Only start the training if you are ready psychologically

If you just had went through stressful events and it affects your psychological condition for a quite sometimes, it is better to wait. If you do the training in this condition, it would affect the way you deliver the instruction and taking care of your children’s reaction. It could also make the possibility of making damages to your children when you are frustrated.

  • Only start if you are ready physically

If you recently fell ill or went through surgery and need a long time recovery, it is the best if you wait until you are completely healed. It is for the effectiveness of the training so that you could focus on teaching consistently.

  • Only start when you are ready emotionally

If you had a bad day or a recent argument that makes you sad or emotionally unstable, it is not recommended as well to start the training. It would make you less focus on teaching your children in the proper way.

  • Do not start the training if you had just moved or changing your household arrangement

It would not only affect you, but also your children would be confused. It is better if you have fully familiar with the arrangement so that the process would be so much easier.

  • Try to be as consistent as possible in teaching your children

Changing things up or missing a routine would make your children even more pressured. The other possibility is that they could be even desensitize of the awareness of the routine.

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