How to Potty Train a Toddler Boy – Ultimate Guide for Mothers to Toilet Train their Boys

By | July 30, 2016

toilet training boysLet’s start with a question ,when do you think is the best time for your son to start using a potty? To ensure the success of the potty training, begin when he is completely ready. If you will start before this, you will notice that the process may take a longer time to be completed.

It could be possible that your son is ready at the age of eighteen-month old. But, many prefer potty training boys age 2 for the ease and convenience in teaching. This is because of the idea that boys stay in their nappies longer than those girls. But, if your son has older siblings, you can be most guaranteed of him learning faster.

If you firmly believe that your baby boy is ready for this training and you think that it is the right timing, the let him be trained.  But, if he has just changed his nursery and he has his new sibling, consider this as not a perfect time. The logic in here is that he is less likely to accept change. And, he may feel too overwhelmed in stepping through this next challenge. There is a need to be patient in waiting for him to be ready and to introduce him to potty training.

Below are some of the essential potty training tips Moms can consider for their boys and can get the answer of ne of the most asked question i.e “how to potty train a boy effectively?”.

What Potty-Training Tools to Use Potty Train Boys?

You need to buy a potty for your toddler. The idea is for your son to make it less daunting and easier training than that of a full-sized toilet. It can also be easily transferred from one room to another. Remember that it is common for him to become anxious of falling into the toilet. Thus, this anxiety may sometimes be a hindrance in potty training.

Better yet, try to have a training seat that complements well to a toilet seat. It should be made secure and it should make him feel comfortable.

How to Get Started with Potty Training?

You need to take note that toddlers usually learn by means of imitation. Better to let your husband or a family friend to go to the bathroom. And then, let your son watch how they would wee. Your son could already get an idea that his Daddy uses the toilet in a different way than Mommy. This is a good and simply way of explaining the mechanics of using the toilet for boys.

Also, tell him that the potty chair or potty is his own personal belonging. Let him decorate it further with stickers for the most fun and enjoyment. You may also suggest for him to sit on it while his nappy is off. If he has a teddy with him, you can also make use of it for potty demonstration.

In the event that he becomes resistant in toilet training, never ever pressure him. This only derails the whole process and makes it difficult for you to train him.

potty training boys 18 montha

How to Motivate Him Further in Using the Potty?

On how to motivate him further in using the potty, take a closer look of the following steps:

  • Let him choose his underwear when the two of you go to the store or mall. Emblazoned pants with animated character and superhero pants remain as the popular option. They also sometimes get motivated by keeping the “Thomas the Tank Engine” dry and nice.
  • Talk about an activity or outing after mastering the task of using the potty. Let him also wear underwear just like his big brother or Daddy.

What are the Mechanics of Pooing and Weeing?

 Since wees and poos usually come at the same time, you should let your son start by sitting down. He will learn that both should be done in the potty. He will no longer be distracted by the fun of learning and mastering the basic step.

When he is already comfortable in his toilet-training seat or potty seat, allow him to stand at the toilet. This will be his first time to wee standing on his footstep. If you notice that he seems reluctant, try to float some Cheerios in the toilet bowl. At first, you may still need to clean up some of his few messes.

How to Teach Him Know the Signs of Taking a Wee?

This is a crucial part of potty training a boy .You need to place the potty in a comfortable and easy to reach place while he plays around. Encourage him further of sitting on it now. You may now present the occasional puddle and then, put some plastic over the carpet to leave it protected.

Take a closer look at some signs of taking a wee like hopping up, wriggling and clutching himself. Explain to him that these are all signs that it is potty time. Tell him to have a wee and afterwards, the two of you would go to the swings. This will simply work better than just asking him if he really wants to take a wee.

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When to Praise Him?

After some trials and errors, your son will now notice the success and progress in training using the potty. This is such a milestone that should well be celebrated along with a reward. Praise him and let him watch a new cartoon. If you want, read him an interesting story on bedtime hour.

Make his every trip to the potty natural and never make him feel self-conscious. And, let him do it all by himself after several days of teaching him.

How to Deal with Some Potty-Training Accidents while potty training Boys?

You need to just stay calm and likewise, remember that potty-training accidents are a part of the entire process. When he makes use of it for several times, he will later become better be at it. You can just tell your child that wetting his shorts or pants means more nappies. This will make him realize that he should better be careful at it.

Let him wear his loose-fitting clothes for him to take them off easily. Never punish him or never tend to overreact. Nothing will serve as a barrier in toilet training your son than making him feel bad about the accident.

How to make Potty Training a fun activity for your boy?

If you will make the toilet training to be fun and imaginative, your child will even become motivated and excited about it. Drip some red or blue food coloring in making the toilet more colorful. He will even be more amazed at it and on how he could turn it to orange and water green. And, put some favorite books next to it for him to read.

If you notice that he starts losing his interest in toilet training, give him more rewards. If he makes use of the pot, he will get a sticker to put on his wall chart. This is a one known method to use to monitor his successes.

If the stickers do not still bring thrill, fun and excitement, you may still give him another reward like candy. Or, better yet, buy him some toy or stuff to. Give this stuff if he stays dry for days.

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Moving into the Night Mode

If your son has stayed dry the entire day, you can now start to formulate a game plan during the nights. You need to wait until he is finally and reliably ready in using the potty on a daytime. During the mornings, start inspecting his diapers. See to it if his diapers are dry.

Most children stay dry on their afternoon naps after six-month period of toilet training. But, you need to accept the fact that nighttime training usually takes longer. It will still depend on his body and its ability to hold the urine for a long period of time. It will also take years or months before his body become mature enough. And thus, he can just stay dry at nighttime. This is also normal. Even based on the “American Academy of Pediatrics”, ten percent of seven-year old may likely wet their bed. Read this article to know more about ideal potty training age for boys and girls.

If your son already wants to sleep without diapers, let him be. In several nights of experiments that you notice that he is not ready; let him wear his diapers again. But, tell him in a non-judgmental way. Just make him realize that his body is not yet ready for this step. Assure him further that when he is big enough, he can try it again.

If he still stays dry 3 out of 5 nights, it would just be right for him to sleep in his underwear and nappies. But, let him stay dry by the limit of his drink. Let him go to the bathroom first before going to his bed.You can read more about 3 day potty training method here.

Throw the Diapers away

When you have realized that your son is ready to throw his diapers, it means that he has accomplished more from this training. You need to acknowledge this accomplishment and also, reinforce this sense of pride. Let him do the task of giving away his leftover diapers to some younger kids in the neighborhood. It also means fun to let him join in a fun, exciting and joyful jig all around the house.


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