Initially, children would be ready for toilet training between the 18 months and three years old. But some children might be ready for it a little bit later. But first of all, your children need to be ready emotionally and ability wise.

It is not recommended to start the potty training way too early. Some parents could have even started it when the child was still 5 months old. Starting when your child is not ready would affect a lot of aspect of your children, especially emotional aspect. Starting when they were not ready is only giving them pressure and it would even make the process even longer for your child to master toilet training.Best age to start potty training depends on many factors.

 Starting at 3 – 4 Years Old

You could go early as soon as your children reached the age of three, with the condition that your children have been showing a lot of signs of readiness by their growth development. You could teach them slowly by explaining what the potty chair is used for, putting the potty chair nearby where your children usually play, asking them to tell you if they want to go, and praise them when they have changed from diapers to regular underpants.

You might be wondering why it is better to start at the age of three and not earlier. The reason is simply because children under three years old could not control their bowel movement properly just yet. The organs and the muscles have not mature enough for them to do it though it seems that they have shown some behavior and emotional development. They may have shown interests, and it is not wrong for you to start trying. But keep in mind that if they showed signs of pressure or disinterest, you should not push them and just wait until they are fully ready.

Teaching Them Tasks

When they have been showing interest and fully ready to do toilet training, you must want to make sure the basic task that your children need to do. It is including:

  • Knowing when and how to use the potty chair or toilet
  • Knowing how to hold before reaching the toilet
  • Knowing how to pull their pants up and down
  • If it is outside, they have to make sure to let you know if they want to go

If they have been able to do these tasks properly, start the more advance tasks. But keep in mind that more task means that you have to be more patient and that your child would also take long to adjust. The tasks could include:

  • Knowing how to flush toilet on their own
  • Knowing that they have to wash their hands after using toilet
  • Knowing how to wipe without your help

Again, patience is the key. And it would be done well if the parents teach them well and not put pressure on them. Soon your children would be able to do it all without your help and become independent, and your training is complete.

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