When your children reached the age 3, it could be the best time to start potty training. Your children have fully developed to be able to do and understanding simple tasks for their routines. But in some cases, it does not seem as easy. Some of the parents have complained about how their 3 year old being stubborn and it is harder to do potty train on them.

Sometimes the personality, the gender, and different factors could affect the training. Parents should first understand that not every single child is the same in their growth process. Some parents have been having problems in doing potty training, specifically to their 3 year olds.


Reasons and Solutions

If your child have trouble in listening what you say, and often refuse or showing strong reaction, there are some things that you should double check on. One of the most common reasons could be that parents have not understand fully if the methods are right. Sometimes parent could make mistakes, such as pushing their children too hard or using the wrong way of communication.

Sometimes parents could be too rush in trying to teach their children, and this could affect the children badly as well. The capability and the ability of your child should be precisely tracked before you want to try to apply methods to them.

Starting a toilet training at the age of 3 is not an easy task.It is important to be extra patient in teaching your child. After all, your child is different person and has their own emotions, thoughts, and also perception. 3 years old is when the child have developed the awareness and could be able to put their own perspectives based on what they see or experienced. But it does not mean that the age would justify the capability of your children, you have to keep in mind that every child is different. If you have trouble to teach your child to be discipline, you perhaps need to review some of the things you have done. The common one is whether or not your child have been showing the sign of readiness.

You also need to watch how they react with your actions. Some of the cases, the parents sometimes do not ‘wait’ on their children, and keep giving them instruction even if they does not seem to be amused. This create the concept in their brain that it does not matter if you like it or not, it also created the essential factor of the child being stubborn.

The right thing is to carefully observe your children reaction and expression. Especially some children at the age of three would be able to express themselves by simple words or sentences. If they do not like it, do not force them. If they seem to be pumped by prizes and compliment, you should do it moderately. Sometimes, giving them too much compliment or prizes, especially if done in the wrong approach would be bad as well. It gives them either the perception that they could manipulate and have powers when you are desperate, or they would not be affected at all by the prizes.

Try to understand your child more and different fun methods. Once again, do not rush your child. You could also try consulting with the expert or discussing with other parents. Soon your child would be able to be perfect in potty training and other tasks.

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