You perhaps have heard about some arguments about the early potty training. Society trains their kids early to use the potty in Europe. In fact, toddlers are more obedient than 3 years olds. Parents want to introduce how to potty train their kids earlier to avoid bad environment. Perhaps you also have read some studies about the result of late potty training. It usually ends up in accidents. However, what are the Risks of Potty Training Too Early? The only problem will be the kids’ resistance. Kids under the age of 3 can’t manage and understand your instructions clearly to use the potty.

What are the Risks of Potty Training Too Early?

Well, it isn’t that young children can’t be trained. Sure they can learn something, but learning how to use the potty is a different story. Most of the kids learn how to use the potty by their own. Basically, kids train themselves to use the potty. I also believe that most of parents want to potty train their kids earlier. However, the fact is most of the kids who learnt the earliest tend to get serious health problems. There have been many kids that suffer from dysfunctional bladder. Most of them are trained to use the potty before 3.

Is it Safe?

There is some Risks of Potty Training Too Early. Holding poop or pee might lead into bedwetting, urinary tract infections, urinary frequency, and more. Children don’t like the troubles such as using toilet or the potty. Once the kids learn to poop or pee, they tend to hold it. This is quite a risky habit. Each time the kids squeeze their sphincter in preventing the release of pee, they might create bladder resistance. Do you know its effect to their muscles? The result is exactly the same when you are at gym to train your cramps. They would be stronger and thicker.

If your kids have thickened bladder, they might suffer bad things. It will suffer from twisted sensation mechanism and smaller capacity of bladder. When your kids delay peeing, over years or months, their bladder would be stronger and more irritable. If you potty train your kids too early, you must recognize the risk. The resistance to use the potty is higher in younger kids. For example is the tendency to hold the poop. It becomes worse if your kids also have low fiber food intake. Their poop is formed massively in the rectum and it causes health problems.

So, how can parents reduce the Risks of Potty Training Too Early? If you train your kids at the age of 2 year old because of the policy of their preschool, you should choose another school. Sending the kids to preschool that requires early potty train only increases the risks. Any kids who aren’t familiar to use the potty tend to resist.  They will avoid using the potty as much as possible. It can affect their health entirely. I really understand some parents who have the dream to make their kids learning how to use the potty earlier. Yet, they should understand clearly about how to use the potty thoroughly.

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