When it comes to potty training, there is initially no age rule on when to start. Some parents have even started when the child is as young as a four months old infant. However, it is very recommended to potty train your children when they are ready. If you want to start trying potty training when your child reached the age of two, you at least have to check all of the points in this list before getting started:

  • They are be able to walk steadily
  • They have regular and predictable time of bowel movements
  • They have dry diapers for at least two hours, showing that they are able to control their bladder muscle
  • They show that they are uncomfortable in dirty diaper


The first thing before you start is to make sure that the method you are going to teach is going to be effective. The understanding aspect and patience are the things you have to remember in this process. A two year old would not be able to communicate clearly just yet, this is why you also need to watch their reaction, whether they approve or refuse. Do not push your child and make them feel like they are under pressure.

It is also important if you give them explanation before you started giving instruction. Explain to them what the potty chair is used for and when to. Try explaining with calm and positive tone. Encouraging them in this process would really help in making them feel comfortable.

Common Problems

Potty training a young child could be very challenging. If you decide to train your child in the young ages, there are many problems that possibly happen and could even obstruct the process. It is better to avoid these problems by trying to be more patient and understanding. The common problems include:

  • Parents misunderstand the children’s reaction because they have not been able to express themselves properly.
  • Frustration from both sides caused by parents’ impatience way of teaching.
  • Parents pressuring their children.
  • Taking longer in the training because the parents started too early for the children to be able to understand the concept.
  • Children’s stubbornness.
  • Changing behavior of the children caused by the wrong way of teaching by the parents.

As parents, you have to keep in mind that whatever went wrong, it is not the children’s fault. No matter how the outcome from your children,would always been caused by the method of teaching by the parents. Especially younger children, various abilities and skills are not yet matured and fully developed. It is the best for you as a parents to learn more and understand a lot of things about your children before give them instructions. You also have to remember that demanding your children is also not a good thing for their development and growth.

The best way is to enjoy the progress and learn from mistakes. Potty training is not an easy thing to do, but if you do it with the right way, it would give you the best result as well.

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