normal potty training ageChildren are known to control their bowels and bladder when they are truly, physically ready. It is good to remember that each child is different. Thus, it is better not to compare your child with anyone else’s in the neighborhood.Every mother faces a intriguing question : what age should a child be potty trained.

On the other hand, your child must be emotionally and physically ready when it comes to toilet training. You need to understand that your child may reach the age of twenty-two and thirty months. This is the right age to introduce your child to this kind of training.

Although toilet training may be a frustrating and long process, just remember that he or she should be ready enough at this phase of his or her life.

Before your child starts to use the toilet, take time to notice if he can already control his bladder muscles and bowel. He should also able to talk, climb and remove clothing. He must have mastered the basic motor skills before using the toilet.

Some children are already emotionally ready even before undergoing the process of toilet training. However, make it sure that your child is interested as well in using the toilet. He must take the time of cooperating with you. Impose to him how big boy he is and that, he should be wearing underpants instead of diapers. Automatic response is also important prior to your every request.

Depends on the Characteristics and Goals of your Child

  • Average age for Potty Training for Infants- Zero to Twelve Months
  • Young Toddler Training/Older Infant Training-Twelve to Eighteen Months
  • Older Toddlers- Eighteen to Twenty-Four Months
  • Potty Training After Twenty-Four Months

Average age to potty train

Overview of the Age to Start Potty Training in Many Parts of the World

Toilet training usually starts within weeks of birth in many parts of the world. Without being abused or punished, they are already learning the basic skills related to toilet training. Even before they are capable of walking, they are ready enough in training, using the toilet.

In the United States, the situation is entirely different wherein children wear diapers for two, three or four years. Based on a recent study, Afro-American parents are believed to have been training their children around eighteen months,so the normal age for potty training is on average 18-24 months. On the other hand, Caucasian-American parents are training their children after twenty-five months.

By eighteen months, children were already out of their diapers and many of them do not master the basic skills in toilet training until almost three years old. It was also found out that half of the children population over thirty-two months does not stay dry throughout the day. This is a common trend that is observed in Europe.

Should you keep on following this Trend?

Potty-trained kids are able to avoid diaper-related or rash-related infections such as rotavirus, giardia, yeast and more. Even their parents were able to save time and money on diapering. This point is also emphasized in three day potty training that potty training at an early age is even better.

However, parents are worried that early toilet training may only do their kids harm than good. They have been hearing stories from experts regarding early training. They discovered that early training only causes personality disorders or behavioral problems.

Potty Training Age and its Right Timing: As Suggested by the Scientific Evidence

You may have heard more about the Freudian personality disorders or behavioral problems. However, there is really no scientific evidence prior to the early training children. Potty training does really no harm to children.

Earlier potty training proves to be beneficial for them. Other than avoiding diaper-born and diaper-rash infections, they are less likely to suffer from UTI infections. They will never be at risk of developing problems related to incontinence.

normal age toilet train

Children Fifteen to Nineteen Months were known to be More Resistant to Sitting Using Potty Chairs

Based on one study, children aging fifteen to nineteen months were known to be more resistant to sitting using potty chairs. This age has its many advantages and that children below eighteen months are more than eager in pleasing adults. This is commonly a trait that older kids often lack of.

As a parent, you may introduce infant potty-chair method to your child. If your child still resists, try it some time. You need to remain on your realistic goals.  This age is more on staying dry by having a careful supervision.

If you wait until the latter age for potty training, this method still proves to be useful. The interval period between twelve to eighteen months is the right time for you to believe that your child is ready for a toilet training. You will need to discover a set of interests and skills that can help your child in mastering the most advanced skills in toilet training. Potty training is a lot easier if you have prepared your child for it.

Potty Training Boys Age 2

Parents should know that potty training for boys, age 2, usually take longer than girls. Even experts have no idea why. This is primarily because of the reason that moms are the usual potty-trainers in the family.As mentioned in carol cline potty training ,without male role models in the family, it may take a little longer for them to get the idea of potty training. As compared to girls, they already had an advantage as they observed someone using the same equipment.

Some experts are cynical of this theory and believe that boys are quite active as compared to girls. They stop and really take the time of using the potty. It is also a 2-step process for them; poop sitting and pee.

If you believe that your son takes a longer time in potty training, never get worried and never get into the habit of sweating all over it. Just take a closer look at the signs and start from there.

Potty Training Girls Age 2

As compared to boys, potty training for girls is even easier for a lot of parents. Moms are potty-trainers and girls have the advantage of using the same equipment. The process is not quite hard for their part. When your daughter is eager in learning using the toilet, teaching her of moving the toilet pay from the front to end is essential. This is the only way that bacteria are prevented from getting in contact with her vagina, as this often leads to infection.a

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