Do you have a kid who is nearly 3 years old and still use diapers? The other kids have been trained by the age of 18 months. They never get accidents after the training. Wouldn’t you like the same result like this? The Right Age to Toilet Train might be different from each others. There will be chances that your kids will learn it early or late. It’s also true that potty training is defined differently nowadays. One year old kids are usually put on the potty after meals. Some old fashioned methods are used to apply such as shaming, physical punishment, strapping, and others.

Understanding Your Kid’s Ability

It’s wrong if you use bad procedures to potty train the kids. They only learn based on conditioning rather than authentic learning. Self-mastery is more important than punishment. One year old kids usually learn based on parents’ instruction. The success will be determined by parents’ noting. The procedures would be how to use the potty, placing the kid to the potty, and keeping them on it until they eliminate. It means that you can potty train the kid as soon as they reach the age of 1 year old. Each kid has different learning ability. You should teach them how to use the potty appropriately.

It Can be in Different Age

The Right Age to Toilet Train can be 2 years old or sooner. Your kids should understand about the importance of a potty chair. Parents should help the kids to recognize the need to use the potty. Wait until they get to the toilet, lower the pants, and sit long as much as necessary to eliminate. The success might depend on emotional, cognitive, and your kids’ physiological developments that usually appear only at the age of 18-24 months. There’s the common sense that the best age to start potty training is determined by cultures and adults’ necessities.

Basically, it’s quite important to determine the age to start potty training by the readiness sign of the kids. The readiness sign usually is determined by your kids’ ability to control their bladder and bodily functions. In many cultures, there are babies and mothers that always want their kids to start learning how to potty train sooner. In European and Finland, children are commonly placed on the potty after the feeding moment. Potty training is quite easy and it’s common among those who remove the usage of diapers. Disposable diapers are expensive product to fund.

Well, initiating training before reaching the age of 8 months doesn’t have negative effects as long as you can do it properly. However, if the potty training can be delayed until your kid is ready controlling his bladder and bowel, it’ll be great. There will be also the consideration about kid’s emotional readiness. The Right Age to Toilet Train is determined by kid’s desire to use the potty. As parents, you can make your kids learning how to use the potty by imitation. Kids tend to copy parents’ acts. Therefore, you can teach them to use the potty appropriately. The best age to start potty train is when the kid is ready!

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